Submit a Proposal


  1. All Organizers/Submitters will be prompted to log in to the AAS website before submitting a proposal.  If you do not have a current AAS account, you must create a new account. 

2. You may save a partially completed proposal and return to edit the proposal anytime before the proposal deadline by clicking the button below.

3. If submitting an Organized Panel, Roundtable or Workshop proposal formats, the Organizer must collect all contact information for each person participating in the proposal. This includes the following:

  • Contact data: Correct spelling of first and last name, email address, affiliation, rank, gender, current mailing address
  • Paper Title: Full paper title for each paper being presented on the session (Organized Panels only)
  • Paper Abstract: 250-word abstract for each paper (Organized panel only)

Organized Panel Proposal Application Walkthrough PDF

Roundtable/Workshop Proposal Application Walkthrough PDF

Individual Paper Proposal Application Walkthrough PDF

Digital Technology Roundtable/Workshop/Lightning Presentation Application Walkthrough